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Colors of the Earth

Colors of the Earth

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Landscapes portfolio

48 color pages, a colori, on patina paper, 23,5 x 32,5 cm

From Sandro Santioli, an Italian photographer expert in color landscape photographs, a beautiful portfolio with images that focus on linearity of lanscapes: from deserts to cultivated fields, to lines of trees. Images are not simple reproductions of reality, but a kind of synthesis between what Santioli sees and what he feels, a recreation of the subject in a new and personal dimension: "When we are able to make a nice photo it means that we have felt something inside us; we cannot transmit emotions if we are not able to feel them ourselves". They are images that indicate the edge between external space and the own interiors, where time and place lost their importance, and light, color and forms transmit the essence of the natural ambient that artist's glance has re-discovered and reorganized. An almost imaginary trip to places linked by a single thing: beauty.

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