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Tuscany pictures book

47 pages of tuscany pictures country taken by the talented Sandro Santioli. This is what he said about his experience of photographer in Tuscany:

"Shooting Tuscany is a long-time experience for me, but the same I think Ill never finish to discover it. This is a region rich of many kinds of realities, connected one to the other, which offers brand new visual experiences, in every season of the year. However, Tuscany doesnt show itself so easily, its a hard work to see it properly but it offers to a careful photographer, the chance to re-createYou have to choose the right points of view, moving upwards or downwards, waiting for the best light, walking for hours with your camera and tripod, to catch up the right proportions and cuts.

These gentle hills, undulations, far views, cypress silhouettes, vineyards, cottages and small villages can be connected and alterned with the photographers work, producing gorgeous compositions.
This puzzle has endless solutions; many colours and shades to seize
Maybe here, more than anywhere, you can clearly feel how tight is the bond between man and nature: the result of a common effort to go deep inside, enhancing just the essential, in order to get to the solid armony of its architectures, and the gentleness of its hills.

It's a hard searching for familiarity, just to penetrate that vague layer of jealousy, calmness and discretion surrounding the whole landscape."

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