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Cream for chilblains hand/foot

Cream for chilblains hand/foot

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Cosmetic Description: Nourishing cream for tired, swollen and reddened feet. It reduces swelling and reactivates the circulation. Extremely refreshing and invigorating. Method: After footbath apply cream and massage each foot from toes to ankle, until all the cream is completely absorbed. Technical Description: Thick emulsion, anionic, 0/A type, hydro-soluble. Preservative: As per CEE instructions. Perfume: Compound aroma tested. Active Ingredients: Camphor, Glycolic Extract of Centella Asiatica, Moisturizing and nourishing excipients. Excipients: Substances of a sebum-like composition with sebum-regulating action, with high level of penetration.

Packaging 50-l. jar

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