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Anti-cellulite treatment cream

Anti-cellulite treatment cream

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Cosmetic Description: the balanced relationship of glycolic extract of Ivy with Horse Chestnut ensures an action on the microcircuit because by strengthening the vascular walls it contends the passage of liquid in the extra-cell zone, which is the principal cause of the insurgence of cellulite. Glycolic extract of - and Bladderwort and Iodalga, each rich in organic iodine, perform a simulating action to the cell metabolism. Vitamin E has a tonic and anti-oxidizing effect. The cream is absorbed quickly and does not need a prolonged massage. This cream works efficiently against the unevenness of the skin with the "orange peel" look, which diminishes right from the start of the treatment. A regular and constant use is suggested even after results are obtained. Method: apply cream daily, where need, on the affected zones (thighs, glutei muscles, abdomen, hips), massaging lightly.

200-ml. Jar

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