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Cornflower water

Cornflower water

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Cosmetic Description: Cleansing, refreshing and stimulating, extremely delicate, without soap, perfumed delicately with Cornflower essence. This solution, without alcohol and decongestioning is for dry and dehydrated skins. All through the day the facial skin, the most delicate part of our body undergoes alterations and imbalance because of atmospheric agents, smog, etc, and this natural water cleanses and tones, respecting and reviving the natural hydration of the facial skin and especially, around the eye zone. Method: After having cleansed the face with face/eye make-up cleansing lotion, blot delicately all over face with cotton wool pad and leave to absorb. Technical Description: A solution of distilled and purified water without alcohol. Perfume: Cornflower aroma. Active Ingredients: Distilled and purified water, Cornflower extract.

Packaging: 250-ml. Bottle

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