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shamp oil with Ginkgo Biloba

shamp oil with Ginkgo Biloba

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Cosmetic Description: Thanks to a special formula Shamp'oil washes hair by affinity and not by contrast. By exploiting the mechanical action of the water to remove impurities and used together with the Shamp'oil the lipidic layer of the scalp is normalised. Suitable for dry, fragile or greasy hair. The reduced formation of foam, brought about by the absence of irritating, foaming agents makes the Shamp'oil ideal for baby's hair or for frequent washing of hair. The local action of Ginkgo Biloba glycolic extract stimulates the micro-circulation of the scalp and produces an obvious improvement to the blood irrigation. Method: Apply Shamp'oil on damp hair, massage scalp for at least a minute, after which rinse with warm water. Technical Description: Washing solution, without foam. Preservative: As per CEE instructions. Perfume: Compound aroma tested. Active Ingredients: Agents without foam, super degreasing action, water soluble.

Packaging 12 ml bottle

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